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Congratulations to the BAVA players who have made their college commitments:

Morgan Kline - Eastern University

Amanda Sanabia - Florida State University

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Volleyball Clinics


BAVA offers volleyball clinics throughout the year.  Click below for more information!


Summer volleyball training and clinics

The summer clinics are a great way to learn new, touch up, and maintain your volleyball skills.  The weekly practice sessions will be structured to incorporate drills covering all volleyball skills (passing, setting, hitting, serving, blocking, defense, offense) and game play.  There will be beginner, intermediate, and advanced sessions 


Fall volleyball clinics

Held in October each year for players ages 8-16 with varying levels of experience. 


Winter volleyball clinics

These clinics are held in January and February for players ages 8-14.


Spring volleyball clinics

These clinics are held in March and April for players ages 8-14.


BAVA Mission:

Bay Area Volleyball Academy is a community based volleyball organization that provides a place for players of all ages and all levels to develop their skills.  Our goals are to build character and develop sportsmanship among players, while providing solid instruction and a competitive atmosphere to maximize the potential in each athlete.  Our focus is to develop athletes to become the best that they can be and to provide them with opportunities to reach their complete potential as a volleyball player.
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