When are tryouts?
The tryouts usually take place in mid-November for all players.  We are given guidelines by the Chesapeake Region (CHRVA) as to when we are allowed to begin tryouts.  Visit the tryouts page for more information.

Why are tryouts so close together and overlap, and why so close to Thanksgiving week?
Tryouts can be held starting when CHRVA says we can.  Clubs start try-outs as soon after that as they can to allow time to evaluate players, form teams and complete registration by early December. Practices start immediately after teams are registered to get ready for season competition starting in January.

If I can’t make it to the posted tryout times, are there any “make-up” times available? 
Unfortunately, BAVA does not offer any make-up tryout times.  If there are players who are unable to make it to the posted tryout times, we will do our best to have you come to a tryout for a different age group and consider you for a team.  Please let us know if you have a conflict with the tryout time(s) for your age group.

How are players selected? 
Athletes are evaluated on athletic ability, passing, setting, serving, blocking, hitting, defense, coachability, competitiveness, and game play.  Players are also selected based upon positions; each team needs to be balanced in all positions, so the position that you play, or look able to play, may be a factor. In all cases, the coaches will consider you not just on your own but as part of the team they are creating as they go through the selection process.

What happens at tryouts?
Tryouts consist of a registration time, skill evaluations, and game play.  At all times, participants trying to make a BAVA team are treated with dignity and respect.  We strive to keep tryouts a positive experience.   Throughout the tryout process, our coaching staff performs on-court evaluations of such things as volleyball skills, attitude, effort, ability to communicate, competitiveness and desire.  Players should arrive 15-20 minutes in advance of their posted tryout time to complete registration.  In the gym, the coaching staff will complete evaluations of each volleyball skill (passing, setting, hitting, serving, defense).  Coaches will also put together combination drills and game play situations to evaluate players in the offensive and defensive scenarios.  The team selection process is ongoing throughout the tryouts, then completed by the Commissioners in the days following.  Some team notifications are done at tryouts, while the remaining are done via email and phone in the week following tryouts in accordance with CHRVA guidelines.

How does a player get picked for a particular team?
The tryout results are determined from the results of the on-court evaluations by the coaching staff.  Factors considered are all volleyball skills, attitude, effort, ability to communicate, competitiveness and desire.  The team composition needs are determined by the Commissioner and each individual coach's decision as to how many players are needed at each position (setter, middle blocker, outside hitter, libero, etc.). The goal is to assign players to teams where they will have the best chance of individual success and be most capable of making a significant contribution to the team's success, as well as to meet the needs of the teams to allow for the strongest possible lineup.

Are players allowed to "commit early" to a team or club?
No, clubs are not allowed to accept commitments from players until the tryout period has started.  CHRVA enforcese these guidelines.  The tryout period begins in early November.

Are teams members picked in advance of the tryouts?
No.  All players are given equal consideration during tryouts.

Does BAVA contact and recruit student athletes in our area to join the club?
Yes.  There are strict rules that apply to the recruiting of players into club sports. It is the policy of the club to adhere faithfully to the rules in the CHRVA Junior Recruiting Policy while we talk with players about their opportunity with our club.

How long do players have to think about their offer for a position on a team?
When trying out for club programs in the region, CHRVA rules require that the junior tryout participant have a period of time in which to weigh his/her evaluation of an offer from a club/team. If a position is offered to a junior player, that player has until the end of the "Open Tryout Period" to commit to the club.  At the conclusion of the "Open Tryout Period" a club may rescind an offer. Please familiarize yourself with the CHRVA Junior Recruiting Policy so you know the rules clubs must follow.  Teams, clubs, and/or coaches who are judged to be in blatant violation of these rules are subject to sanctions set forth in the Regional Handbook found on this page.

What are the age group definitions?
We adhere to the the USA Volleyball age definitions. See the age definitions here.  For those that are "old for their grade" or just miss the date as defined by their age group definitions, they must play at AGE level, not at GRADE level.  There are no exceptions made for those in this category.  Your age group is determined by your age on July 1 of the current club season.  For the 2024 season, the youngest age group in which you can play is your age on July 1, 2024.

How many players are on a team?
Most of our teams will have 10-12 players. The exact number is dependent upon several factors, including team composition needs, ability level of players and number of athletes participating in tryouts.

What if I don't make the team?
We work hard to ensure all players that tryout have a place to play. If we have enough participants, coaches, and practice facillies we may try to create additional teams. We will work with other clubs in the area to provide additional opportunities through referrals if a player doesn’t make a BAVA team.