How often are tournaments held? 
Tournaments are offered in our region every weekend. BAVA teams will generally attend 2-3 tournaments per month, depending on team level and age group.  Teams may attend one-day tournaments in the Chesapeake (CHRVA) region and/or weekend tournaments in other areas. Some tournaments will require overnight travel for the older teams.  February, March, and April are the heaviest months.  The tournaments are played on either Saturday or Sunday, sometimes both.  Ultimately, how often you will play in tournaments will depend upon which team you are on.

Where are the tournaments held?
Tournaments are held at a variety of locations throughout the Chesapeake Region.  The Chesapeake Region is comprised of clubs in Maryland, Delaware, and Northern Virginia.  Generally, our teams will travel around Maryland to attend tournaments.  Our higher level teams will travel out of state sometimes during the season, mostly to Pennsylvania and Virginia.

How long does a tournament last?
Tournaments last all day.  They usually begin at 8:30am and players are expected to arrive between 7-8am.  Teams will play in pool play from about 8:30-5pm, then playoffs will be 5-8:30pm.  (All times approximate.) 

Can I see tournament schedules so I can see if that schedule will fit my family needs? 
We do our best to post the tentative tournament schedule as soon as it is know, usually around mid-November.  The tournament schedule is not set in stone when the season begins.  There are times when a tournament may be changed due to weather, facility issues, etc.  Each team’s website will be updated as soon as possible if there are any changes.

When will we get tournament information throughout the season?
The timing for receiving tournament information such as gym location and start times primarily depends upon the CHRVA Age Group Coordinators.  Due to team cancellations, the tournament schedule is usually not set until the week prior. The website will be updated with tournament schedules as soon as they are know.

Do parents have to attend the tournaments?
No, but parents should make sure their daughter has a ride to and from the tournament, as well as accommodations at the tournament.  

Will each player participate in every match?
Practice is the core of the learning experience of each player in club volleyball. Tournament playing time will be based upon skill level, participation in practice, performance, effort, commitment, and attitude of the player during practice.  All tournament playtime is at the discretion of the coaches.  Tournament playing time will not be equal.  Athletes in BAVA have paid to learn skills and concepts of volleyball in practice; they have not paid to play in tournaments.  The BAVA coaching staff is committed to developing all players’ skills and the team as a whole.  At tournaments, the coaching staff will make playing time decisions based upon the best interest of the team. 

How many tournaments will each team play?
Each team will play from 6 to 12 tournaments during the season.  The majority of the tournaments will be 1-day (on Saturday or Sunday).  A couple may be 2-day tournaments (Saturday & Sunday).  The number of tournaments will depend on the age level and skill level of the team.  Generally, the younger teams will attend 5-8 tournaments while the older teams will attend 8-12.