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About BAVA

About Us

Bay Area Volleyball Academy (BAVA) is a community based volleyball organization that provides a place for players of all ages and all levels to develop their skills.  Our goals are to build character and develop sportsmanship among players, while providing solid instruction and a competitive atmosphere to maximize the potential in each athlete.  Our focus is to develop athletes to become the best that they can be and to provide them with opportunities to reach their complete potential as a volleyball player.  BAVA's main goal is to increase the opportunity for people to play volleyball in the Anne Arundel County and surrounding areas.

BAVA is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, which was started in August 1999 by a group of parents and local high school coaches as a Junior Olympic Volleyball club to offer girls a place to play volleyball in Anne Arundel County.  The club started with 4 teams in the inaugral season and has grown each year since.  BAVA has since grown to offer volleyball programs for all ages and levels

BAVA Juniors Club

BAVA's original mission of being a Juniors Club is still the club's main focus.  We now offer 12 teams, for girls ages 10-18.  BAVA is a member of USAV Volleyball (USAV) and the Chesapeake Region Volleyball Association (CHRVA).  Our teams participate in tournaments within our region and will travel to national tournaments as well.  BAVA teams begin with tryouts in November and have practices from December through May.  Teams will participate in tournaments on the weekends between January-May.  BAVA's teams are focused on improving players' volleyball skills, creating a competitive and team atmosphere, having fun, and helping players find opportunities to continue their volleyball career in college if they desire. 

Bay Area Volleyball Academy is a non-profit Junior Olympic Volleyball club that is dedicated to providing an exceptional developmental and competitive volleyball experience for female players in Anne Arundel County and the surrounding counties. This program is committed to the community and promotes strong relationships between players, coaches, and parents. The Academy aims to challenge athletes to achieve their potential while developing skills needed to compete at a highly competitive level. Through participation and education, the program emphasizes the values of sportsmanship, character, self-discipline, and teamwork. It is the goal of the club for each athlete to attain the satisfaction and enjoyment of playing competitive volleyball but with a perspective recognizing balance in one’s personal life.

BAVA Volleyball Camps

In the summer of 2006 we began offering summer camps and continue offering camps today.  Each summer, BAVA offers various camps: beginner, intermediate, team, and individual skills (setting, serving, defense, etc.).

BAVA Clinics

As coaches and gym time permit, BAVA will offer various clinics throughout the year.

BAVA Youth Rec Volleyball League

In the fall of 2009, BAVA helped start the Anne Arundel County Rec Volleyball League.  We offer teams for players ages 9-14 to participate in the league.  Teams practice one time per week and have games on Sundays for about 8 weeks.

BAVA VolleyFit

In the fall of 2008, BAVA offered the VolleyFit program.  This is a fitness and volleyball class for adults who have a desire to stay in shape through volleyball classes.  VolleyFit classes are offered periodically depending on demand and coach availability.

BAVA VolleyKids

In the future, BAVA plans to offer a new program, VolleyKids, for girls and boys ages 6-9 who wish to learn the sports of volleyball in a fun environment.  VolleyKids will include practices 1-2 times per week for 8-10 weeks.

BAVA continues to offer various programs throughout the year and improve the programs we offer.  We welcome new participants in our club at any time and look forward to your feedback.  If you have any questions about the club, please send us an email,