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CHRVA Tryout Guidelines

Each year, the Chesapeake Region Volleyball Association (CHRVA) creates guidelines under which members clubs can hold their tryouts.  

“OPEN TRYOUT PERIOD” – this is defined as the block of days that players may tryout with no expectations of that player having to make a commitment to a team/club. Nor can a team/club require a commitment from a player. During this period, teams/clubs may extend offers to players.  An offer must be dated and in writing via verifiable electronic (e.g. email) or non-electronic means.  Once made, those offers may not be rescinded by the club until the end of the “Open Tryout Period” or until said player has committed a decline of offer to the club.

* If an offer is made, that player’s spot on the team is guaranteed only until the end of the “Open Tryout Period”.

* A player or the player’s agent may accept an offered position prior to the expiration of “Open Tryout Period” if they choose.

* Extending a greater number of offers than there are open positions on a team, and subsequently indicating that those limited number of open
positions will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis is not in the spirit of this rule and is therefore a violation.

* Upon conclusion of this “Open Tryout Period”, offers and commitments may take place with no expectation of a grace period.

* Open Tryout Periods are published annually prior to the start of the season, sent to Club Directors, and posted on the CHRVA Juniors website.