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2022 Season Cost

TEAM Season Dues Uniform Cost TOTAL
17 Riptide $3,325 ~$300 $3,625
16 Breakers (16-1) $3,100 ~$300 $3,400
16 Avalanche (16-2) $2,200 ~$300 $2,500
15 Blaze (15-1) $2,875 ~$300 $3,175
15 Cyclones (15-2) $2,125 ~$300 $2,425
14 Waves (14-1) $2,575 ~$300 $2,875
14 Storm (14-2) $1,900 ~$300 $2,200
13 Thunder $2,425 ~$300 $2,725
12 Twisters (12-1) $1,825 ~$300 $2,175
12 Quakes (12-2) $1,150 ~$300 $1,450

INCLUDED in the season dues:

* practice facility rental fees

* tournament entry fees

* insurance, cleaning supplies, and administrative expenses

* interactive player profile and website information

* help with the college recruiting process: informational seminar(s), paperwork, skill video, coach communication, networking, etc.

* coaches stipends, hotel accommodations, per diem 

* skill clinics and open gym times throughout the season

* weekly training sessions with Athletic Performance Inc. (API) for these teams: 17, 16-1, 16-2, 15-1, 14-1, 13

* practice ball and ball bag

NOT INCLUDED in the season dues:

* uniform package will be purchased at the kick off meeting (jerseys, spandex, , practice t-shirts, backpack, warm-up jacket, warm up pants, ball bag), approximate cost $300.  Some items will be the same as 2021, so returning players will have a lower uniform cost in 2022.  New players to BAVA will have to purchase all items, approx $330 total.

* USAV registration ($55) must be done PRIOR to tryouts

* CHRVA administration fee ($10) to get scorer/referee certified 

* player hotel accommodations at tournaments  (note: Stay to Play policies will be in effect, which means players/parents will need to stay in pre-reserved hotels for certain tournaments to ensure our teams get into those tournaments.  Details will be handed out at the beginning of the season.)

* parent hotel accommodations at tournaments

* transportation to and from tournaments

* food at tournaments

* post season (after May 31) tournament travel and expenses if a team qualifies for USAV Nationals in June/July or decides to attend AAU National Championships in June/July.


TEAM deposit due by 11/18/2021 uniform purchase by 11/26/2021 due 12/15/2021 due 1/15/2022 due 2/15/2022
17 Riptide $700 + $104 transaction fee ~$300 $875 $875 $875
16 Breakers (16-1) $700 + $74 transaction fee ~$300 $800 $800 $800
16 Avalanche (16-2) $700 + $70 transaction fee ~$300 $500 $500 $500
15 Blaze (15-1) $700 + $90 transaction fee ~$300 $725 $725 $725
15 Cyclones (15-2) $700 + $68 transaction fee ~$300 $475 $475 $475
14 Waves (14-1) $700 + $81 transaction fee ~$300 $625 $625 $625
14 Storm (14-2) $700 + $61 transaction fee ~$300 $400 $400 $400
13 Thunder $700 + $77 transaction fee ~$300 $575 $575 $575
12 Twisters (12-1) $700 + $59 transaction fee ~$300 $375 $375 $375
12 Quakes (12-2) $400 + $39 transaction fee ~$300 $250 $250 $250

** The transaction fee will be prorated and applied to each payment.**


For questions about the costs for the BAVA club season, please reach out to Tracey or Beth:

Tracey Regalbuto

Tracey Regalbuto

BAVA Club Director

Phone: 4104436677

Beth Radford

Beth Radford

BAVA Treasurer

How to make payments 

When your daughter accepts a position on a BAVA team (after tryouts), you will receive an invoice and pay the November 7 deposit ($700).  You can choose to make a payment from your bank account via e-check or use your credit card.  The transaction fee for the entire season (3% plus $1) will be prorated between payments. 

The method of payment you choose for the deposit will be used for the following payments as well automatically on the due date.

If you would like to change your payment method on a given month, you will need to login to your SportsEngine account BEFORE the due date to change the payment method.

Payments will be made on the fifteenth of each month automatically. If you have questions, please contact Beth Radford, BAVA Treasurer,  Alternative payment plans are not available.

Late Payments

Players will not be permitted to participate in practices or tournaments unless payments are up to date.

Financial Help

BAVA is unable to provide financial aid; however, fundraising options will be available to help offset the costs for the season.  Families with two players on BAVA teams will receive a 10% discount.  Families with three players on BAVA teams will receive a 15% discount.  The discount is given at the end of the season with coordination with Beth, BAVA Treasurer.  We are unable to discount each payment.

Outstanding Payments

Any player not in good financial standing with BAVA (including, but not limited to, outstanding payments for a club season, clinic, camp, outdoor, league, etc.) will not be allowed to accept a position on a 2022 team until that standing is rectified. Any account paid off prior to tryouts will require a signed credit card authorization to participate in the 2022 season.

Withdrawing from a Team

If a player withdraws from a team, it does not exempt the family from their fiscal responsibility. Withdrawing after January 1 will require the remaining payments to be paid in full immediately. Withdrawing prior to January 1 will require a prorated amount be paid based on expenses incurred at the beginning of the season. Parents must request any refund in writing/email to the BAVA Board and the board will determine the amount due, if any.  A collection agency will be used for delinquent accounts.


Players dues and money earned through fundraising efforts are NOT refundable. Exceptions may be made in the case of a season ending injury sustained while participating in a BAVA activity. In the case of a season-ending injury, the Board will determine if a refund will be given and the amount. Parents must request any refund in writing/email to the BAVA Board and attach a medical certificate signed by a Doctor stating the player is unable to participate for the remainder of the season. All requests must be received before May 31 of the current club season. Any funds raised through team or club fundraising are not refundable.


If there are events canceled due to COVID-19 that are not able to be rescheduled, and BAVA is refunded money from events and/or facilities, it would be our intention to pass the refund back to our BAVA families.

If families opt not to attend events (tournaments, practices) due to COVID-19, no refunds will be given.