How often are practices?
Practices are held two or three times per week, depending on the level of the team.

Where are practices held? 
Unfortunately, BAVA does not have its own facility.  Practices are held two or three times per week in locations around Anne Arundel County.  Those facilities include, but are not limited to, the Athletic Performance Inc (API), Jones Elementary, Truxtun Park Rec Center, Grace Pointe Community Church, Severna Park Community Center, and Annapolis Area Christian Schools.  Practice facilities are limited and can't be adjusted to player needs.  Because we must compete for gym space with basketball programs and other school related functions, there may be times when we will need to move our practices.

When are practices held?
Practices times are generally Sundays between 1-7pm and Monday-Thursday evenings between 5-10pm.  Teams will practice for 2-3 hour time slots during these available facility times.  Early weeknight practice times are typically reserved for the younger teams.

When can I find out the practice schedule?
The practice schedule for each team depends on a number of factors: team level, coach availability, facility availability, players on the team.  Because of this, the practice schedule will not be finalized until teams have been determined.  It is posted on the practice schedule page as soon as it is available. 

How long does the club season last? 
Practices begin immediately after player selection in late November. Tournaments run from January through mid-May for the regular season.  Potential to attend post season tournament in June is there if a team desires.

I hate to pay club dues to sit on the bench.  Am I guaranteed a chance to play?
Practice is the core of the learning experience of each player in club volleyball. Tournament playing time will be based upon skill level, participation in practice, performance, effort, commitment, and attitude of the player during practice.  All tournament playtime is at the discretion of the coaches.  Tournament playing time will not be equal.  Athletes in BAVA have paid to learn skills and concepts of volleyball in practice; they have not paid to play in tournaments.  The BAVA coaching staff is committed to developing all players’ skills and the team as a whole.  At tournaments, the coaching staff will make playing time decisions based upon the best interest of the team. 

The cost of club volleyball is high and the commitment level is too.  What if I can't handle it and have to drop out. Can I just not finish paying my dues and/ or get a refund?
Player dues are NOT refundable.  If a player decides to quite for any reason, the remaining player dues are due immediately.  Exceptions may be made in the case of a season ending injury.  In the case of a season-ending injury, the Board will determine if a refund will be given and the amount. Parents must request any refund in writing to the BAVA Board and attach a medical certificate signed by a Doctor.  All requests must be received before May 31 of the current club season.  Moneys raised through fundraising are not refundable. 

Do I need to play for that type of club to get a college scholarship?
We cannot guarantee any player a college scholarship. However, the many players that earn volleyball athletic scholarships and play in college developed their skills and got exposure to and recruited by college coaches through club programs across the country. Club volleyball provides players the chance to develop their volleyball skills to the limit of their ability and dedication to improve. BAVA is committed to helping players with the recruiting process, if they choose.  Opportunities to make a recruiting video and write letters will be available from the BAVA coaching staff.  Also, the BAVA coaches are always willing to talk with college coaches on behalf of their players.

Are the 10 and under, 11 and under, and 12 and under teams treated differently?
Yes.  We know that we are an important program for cultivating the younger age groups.  We take that responsibility seriously, and do our best to keep the experience positive and fun.  Although there could be cuts at this level, we have never made cuts in the age group in the past.  Additionally, the 10/12 and under tryouts are treated more like a skills development clinic.  We are looking to instill upon all players the enjoyment of volleyball.  We certainly look for preexisting skill, good attitude, and effort to determine those that appear to have the most potential.  However, the reality is we can’t see into the future, so we try and teach volleyball fundamentals to as many young girls as possible.

Do you have teams that travel outside of Maryland?
Yes.  The higher level teams will routinely travel along the east coast.

What levels of teams do you offer?
The higher level teams will strive to increase exposure to college coaches for our players through travel for tournaments, more competitive teams, and higher level coaching.  There is a high expectation of commitment from all players and these players will be involved in the recruiting process for playing volleyball in college.  These teams will practice 3 times per week and will have a more extensive travel, training, and practice schedule. The more regional teams will practice 2 times per week and will play in mostly local tournaments.  There is the opportunity for these teams to attend one large, out of state tournament in May.  The players should expect to be committed to their team; however, some players will have the desire to continue their volleyball career at the collegiate level while some may not.

How long does the season last?
The typical season begins with try-outs in November, followed by a club-wide meeting, and the initial practices/training camp in early December.  For the 10, 12, and 18 and under team(s), the season will run through mid/end of April.  For 13-17’s teams, the season will run through the mid-May.  If a team qualifies for Nationals, the tournament is usually held at the end of June.  Attending AAU’s in Orlando is also an option, which is held in mid-June.

Who coaches a club volleyball team?
The BAVA coaching staff is hired by the club Commissioners, Lauren Boyd  Leventry and Beth Radford, both of which have been in these positions since 2004 and Club Director Tracey Regalbuto.  All BAVA coaches have prior volleyball experience, all having a combination of college, high school, middle school and club experience.  The coaching staff is finalized in November.